LT Michael R. Perich Bracelet

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LT Michael R. Perich Bracelet


Michael was a loyal, honest, strong, determined, and courageous young man who had a great sense of humor.  He was competitive with his peers, devoted to his friends and family and loyal to all especially to the people he loved and believed in. He set the bar very high for himself but was able to overlook shortcomings in the people he loved because he chose to focus on the good in people, in many ways Michael was an old soul.

He wanted to be challenged in his everyday tasks, especially in his fitness.  He took pride in the discipline he developed for his weight lifting and work outs. 

In Michael’s 25 years of life, he was an extremely reliable person.  He always thought about others before himself.  He loved his family and friends and cared for many people around him. Wherever he was in the world he found time to call his elderly grandparents weekly. Michael always offered a helping hand to those in need. He had a great sense of humor and great zest for life.  He had an infectious laugh and enjoyed practical jokes. He was truly one of a kind who influenced many people to be the best version of themselves. 

Michael enjoyed adventure such as traveling to new lands, exploring new cultures, and sharing food and customs. He absolutely loved working out (lifting weights), scuba diving, snow skiing and snowboarding, cooking healthy foods, sky diving, driving fast cars, shooting guns, collecting guns and hunting He never failed to challenge the people around him to create healthy lifestyles. 

As a youngster Michael became interested in the military. He was drawn to service of his country. He was intrigued with World War II and often discussed it with his grandfathers who served in that war.  Upon high school graduation, Michael was appointed to the United States Merchant Marine Academy, in Kings Point NY.  After graduation from the Academy, Michael went to work in the service of our country and to serve in the United States Naval Reserves. 

Michael's smile was magnetic in that it would draw people to him. He had a warm personality, yet he could be quiet and didn't have to be the center of attention. Michael always made our family laugh by wrestling with his dad, even during his last visit home.  Michael would man handle his dad, put him in a choke hold and quiz him.  Only after his dad answered the quiz questions would Michael free him.

Michael was fond of surprising us. For example he would tell us that he wasn't able to come home for a particular occasion.  He would show up and we would all laugh and be delighted.

We were the proud of Michael’s:

·         Integrity, he didn’t lie, steal or cheat. U

·         Unwavering loyalty to his friends and family; He called his grandparents every Sunday.

·         Ability to focus on the good in people and remain non-judgmental. Michael didn't gossip about people

·         Selfless character. He put the needs of others in front of his own, even as a young man he was an old soul.

·         Dedication to his Roman Catholic faith and his strong belief in God.  Attending Sunday Mass was a priority for him.

·         Desire to help others around him and do the “right” thing.

·         Determination to stick up for the "underdog." There were several times in high school and college when he did so.

·         Caring, loving, thoughtful, and respectful, tendencies with his entire family.

·         Listening skills. The eye contact he maintained and the way he really listened to what you were saying made you feel as though you were the most important person in the world.

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